Zucchini Caprese Sandwiches-Cost and Recipe

Zucchini Caprese Sandwich

Sauteed zucchini, melting mozzarella

On my crazy, almost idiotic, mid-summer-in-Florida afternoon walk with my friend and neighbor, Michelle, I grumbled that it was cloudy and cool enough (low 80's) that I might could get away with serving a soup for dinner. But instead, I had this brainstorm for a sandwich. You see, I am a pretty big fan of soups, but Paul learned from his mom that there's a rule about what temperature it has to be outside to warrant a hot soup for dinner. Since I likely wouldn't have been able to pull it off, I created this fabulous sandwich instead. It was a hit at our dining room table.

Naturally, the sandwich is meant for the thick ciabatta bread I've learned to make from scratch. The result is a sturdy and filling meal. I believe that many sides items would go with this twist-on-a-favorite sandwich. This one in particular was a Greek Rice Pilaf that can be served at room temperature. And remember, a great olive oil and balsamic vinegar make fabulous dressings.

Cost to Make Caprese Sandwiches

  • $0.44 Bread (Homemade)
  • $0.33 Zucchini (Aldi)
  • $2.50 Fresh Mozzarella (Costco)
  • $0.30 Tomatoes (Eat More Produce or from our garden. Can't remember. Assuming I paid for them.)
  • $0.35 Olive Oil and Balsamic (Trader Joe's)
  • $0.01 Salt and Pepper
  • Free Basil (Our Garden)
  • $4.02 Total Serves 4

Recipe for Zucchini Caprese Sandwiches

  • 8 oz. (one medium) Zucchini, shredded (medium hole)
  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil, divided
  • 4 slices Fresh Mozzarella, 1/2 or less thick
  • 2 Campari Tomatoes, sliced
  • 4 or more Basil leaves
  • 4 Ciabatta Bread squares
  • Salt, Pepper, and Balsamic Vinegar to taste

Slice ciabatta in half to open and make two sides for the sandwich. Warm if necessary.

In medium skillet on medium-high heat, cook zucchini in 1/2 tablespoon olive oil until zucchini is soft. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pull the zucchini into the middle of the pan and place mozzarella slices evenly apart on top of pile. Lower heat to medium or medium-low. The goal is for the mozzarella to melt and hold the zucchini pieces together to limit the messy-ness of the sandwich. The zucchini should brown nicely on the bottom, but not burn.

With a spatula, divide the zucchini into four parts and place on sandwich bread. Dress as desired with tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar, remaining olive oil, and more salt or pepper.

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