Black Beans: A 5-Day Plan

Oven-baked Brown Rice and Slow Cooked Black Beans

I'm cooking beans this morning. A big pot. Then, I have them to lean on for menu plans. They can last a week or more depending on if I freeze some or not. Also, if they get frozen, they don't have to be eaten every day, but can spread out over three weeks.

There are many more options for using beans than the five I have listed here. But these are fun and can feed a crowd pretty well. (I'm the type that has a weekly menu. If we have guests, I just make more of what I was planning to serve. I don't go shopping to make something special.)

Recipes are listed in the order I recommend using them based on how they are cooked and what they are mixed with.

  • Black Bean Burgers-A sensational recipe originally from Parents Magazine. Feel free to experiment with added corn, peppers, or rice.
  • Enchiladas-A favorite stand-by for me. Prepared enchiladas covered in sauce freeze well.
  • Baked Potatoes with Chili-Make this a bar with a variety of vegetables on the side
  • Haystacks-A taco salad with unlimited toppings and optional variety of beans. See Dandelion CommuniTea's version here.
  • Bean Soup-Add carrots, onions, celery, water or broth to whatever beans are left for a hearty stew or soup. Serve with cornbread.

Don't forget to check out yesterday's post on how to cook beans. Tomorrow, I'll have a menu plan for white beans!

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