New Series! Food Face Friday!

Girl Food Face Plate by Fred & Friends

Could an Aunt and Uncle get a more perfect gift for a niece whose parents are foodies and whose father is a designer? You would have thought after I found the fabulous "Spilt Milk" bowl I got Paul for Christmas that I would have kept an eye on Fred & Friends and come across this. But I hadn't. Still, obviously we've loved this fun way for us to "play with our food." And I could swear Nora eats more when I design it on this plate. We think you'll be entertained, too. So we embark on a new series appropriately termed Food Face Friday.

If you have an idea for a great face, please share!

Thanks, Tio Dag and Tia Elizabeth!

Food Face-Broccoli Hair with Hommus and cheese bow

Ms. Food Face sports baby broccoli floret hair and a hommus and cheese hair bow. Don't worry if your little girl doesn't have enough hair to sport a bow of fancy ribbons. Hommus can decorate it well, too. This I've learned from vast experience.