Healthy or Wealthy: Why did you become a Vegetarian?

Broccoli for Roasting

I've spent my life involved with medicine. My father graduated from anesthesia school the year I was born. I chose to go into the medical profession. Now, I get to stay at home most of the time and teach for the medical profession. I understand the importance of healthy eating and healthy living.

It's been said of me that I squeak when I walk because I'm so cheap. That's about right. I am tight with money. But I think it's quite obvious that we eat well. We love to eat good food. And yet, most of the time, eating well generally means eating vegetarian.

I read some blogs posts with fascinating statistics that are powerful in helping support the desire to go vegetarian. Below are some of my favorite thoughts on becoming vegetarian for Health and for Wealth.

A side note: I know there's plenty celebrity talk about who's becoming vegan or vegetarian. And I know many people are attached to PETA and against cruelty to animals. That's important, too. I've been to a chicken farm. I was upset. (Not only that, I've seen the crazy life being a chicken farmer leads. It's no fun.) But when you make a choice about your food, it's really important to make it for yourself and what you know you will gain by making wise choices. Otherwise you're going to be less likely to do it. Really that applies to any New Year's "Eating Better" Resolution you make.

Why did you become a vegetarian? What benefits have you seen since becoming a vegetarian?