Just Call Me Jane!

Ding-Dong. (I hadn't learned yet not to ring the doorbell on houses with babies.)


Uh, oh, maybe this isn't the time for meeting a new neighbor.

Woman with newborn answers the door.

"HI! I'm Amanda. I live down the street. We met your mom a couple nights ago on our walk. Wondered if you'd like to walk together sometime."

We exchanged words and phone numbers. And soon, we embarked on a great friendship and started a Mommy Walk in the neighborhood that has grown to 7. We take up the whole street when we walk parallel!

Michelle has since become one of my best friends; all of the girls are amazing. We have talked many times about how blessed we are to have each other.

Michelle introduces me to other friends as "Jane Fonda." Because from the minute I met her, I was ready to work. Work-out. She's even watched me run by her house to catch a new girl to invite her to join the Mommy Walk. She jokes about my being overly friendly and an extrovert. And while she's already solicited me as her personal trainer after Baby #2 comes, it's a two-way street. She's my most brutally honest friend. She admits it, and I appreciate it. Michelle tells it like it is when I need it. . .and even sometimes when I don't think I do.

And that's my musings for the day. Everyone needs a Jane Fonda to keep them accountable for staying healthy. (This blog is one of mine. My darling husband is the other.) And everyone needs someone to help them keep things straight in their heads. Everyone needs that friend who tells them the truth. Why? Because both help with your physical and mental health. They're all connected.

So, who's your Jane Fonda? Who's your brutally honest friend? Who helps you maintain a great workout routine? Don't have an answer? Find one.

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