Normally when people post on their blogs about changes, they generally mean changes to the website. But. . .not here. Not in this case.

Instead, I am sharing three major life stresses/changes that we seem to have chosen to happen at about the same time. And these changes, naturally, do play a part in eating habits. My plan is to share stories and recipes throughout the coming weeks that make all of these issues a little more fun for all of us.

1. You already know there's a baby on the way. But you may not know the baby is a boy. And in case you haven't been told, it seems that pregnancies differ each time, but with an increased difference based on gender. I don't believe this is scientifically proven. But there are plenty of people who feel this way. I believe this tale based on the fact that I have had some additional issues during this pregnancy. Praise God the baby and I are just fine and that we seem to have hit a nice plateau (minus weight gain) to the finish line.

2. With a baby coming, we thought we should consider moving to a larger home. We purchased one just 8 doors down from our old rental home and are enjoying it. But in an effort to move as little as possible, meals got creative for a while.

3. And just in case that's not enough going on, Paul has recently started a new job. The catch is that he works from home. It has changed his hours somewhat. It also makes lunches more complicated for me. Before, if I didn't have enough leftovers, I would have Paul go to the cafeteria at the hospital. (Remember, it is a good cafeteria.) But now, I must have food set aside for him or he'll eat something I've set aside for another meal!

Are you ready to see how we've been coping? I'll start catching you up tomorrow!