Food Face Friday-Red/Orange

Red-Orange Food Face

And we're back! At least the plate is back! Nora eats far more than this plate allows us to prepare. So, there will be fewer of these faces. But they will be fun to share on occasion.

While it's encouraged that children be fed a rainbow of colors to get the variety of nutrients their bodies need, sometimes it's fun to have a color-themed meal. And since I was in a (pregnant) position to cook as little as possible, baked sweet potato fries were often my lunch go-to. It just so happened that everything else that required little effort was in the same color palate.

The one thing I did manage to bake most of time I was pregnant was bread. I have no idea how I made the crinkle top, but it created a nice, lacy collar, don't you think?

Ms. Food Face sports baked sweet potato fry, Medusa-like hair; Clementine orange curls, ketchup lipstick, and an open-faced sandwich of wheat bread, hommus, and tomato wedges.