A Good Time to Be (or Try Being) a Vegetarian


August's Better Homes and Gardens had a fabulous food article with photographs to drool over entitled "Growing Season". The article says cookbook author, Ian Knauer, "isn't a vegetarian, but he believes in veggie dinners this time of year. 'Side dishes can be the most brilliant part of a meal. In summer, when fresh produce is at its peak, I let the side dishes be the stars.'"

BHG says "If produce had its own holiday, it would be August." And we agree. Every corner of our kitchen is stuffed with the goodness that the summer brings. Locally, we have a delicious selection of mangoes. We also started participating in a vegetable delivery service. (Because it's nice to not have to leave the house for a few weeks after a baby comes.) And we are enjoying having a lovely selection of produce being delivered to our door. These resources make it so easy to create a summer holiday table of abundance. And the selection and creativity that surrounds the produce should yield plenty of opportunity to test recipes that add more fiber and a greater rainbow of produce to your diet.

What do you love about the produce holidays of summer?