Grilled Freezer Oatmeal

Peter Joseph

And then there were four! We welcomed Peter Joseph into the family on July 11. He's a great little guy, and Nora is quite an amazing big sister. We are quite a happy little family in our corner of the world. And I look forward to having the energy to cook and blog that I have been missing for so long.

grilled oatmeal

One thing I have not had trouble doing was stirring together oatmeal and boiling water once a week and dishing it into individual bowls to make a breakfast that lasts all week. We had a few bowls that weren't eaten, and in the spirit of stocking the freezer, I moved them straight to the freezer when we left for the hospital. And we had an easy breakfast our first morning home! Paul simply dumped the oatmeal into a pan to reheat it. The "grilling" gave nice, crisp edges that resembled certain oatmeal cookies. Yummy.