Instant Oatmeal Stories

Instant Oatmeal

Story 1

I must have been out of my head. I didn't say that. I don't even remember it happening, let alone repeating the story. But being she's one of my closest friends, she wouldn't make it up. One day (so she claims), I admitted to my friend, Michelle, that in my early days of pregnancy, Paul once had to eat oatmeal 3 times in one day because I couldn't step foot in the kitchen. She has teased me mercilessly and will not let me forget the incident I clearly don't remember myself.

And so, she left for her summer vacation a week after Peter was born. And just before she left, she brought Paul a box of instant oatmeal (See above.) "Just in case he gets hungry." It only took a little over a week for him to find it in the pantry and bust into it. So thank you to my dear friend who finds it terribly funny that my husband will make a large pot of oatmeal before starving to death. I should also thank my dear husband who is willing to make that pot of oatmeal and still love me even as I'm risking him (and our daughter) starving to death.

Story 2

I've always been blessed to have a husband who cares immensely about being healthy. But now that he works for The Full Plate Diet, he's sitting in on lots of meetings and is learning more about nutrition than I did in the required courses I took in school. So when he travels for work, the typical continental breakfast is looked at with dread. . .especially after a run. Michelle's gift actually got me thinking. And now, I have a recipe that will yield cheaper, healthier instant oatmeal that I can send with Paul for his overnights. What better way to show my love to my husband when he's far away than to send a little package to give him the best start possible to his day.