5 Ways to Not Feel Guilty About Buying Bulk


With another mouth to feed--and that mouth eating more than his sister was at this age--I'm very interested in buying bulk!

Sam's Club is having it's annual free entrance weekend. And it's something that money-saving individuals look forward to as some don't think it's worth actually buying a membership there. We, however, have a membership with Costco. It's closer. But no matter where you shop, sometimes you come home wondering "Am I going to use that much ____ ?" So, here's 5 ways to not feel guilty about buying bulk and for making sure what you did buy doesn't go to waste.

1. Share your bounty.

This is a great time to look around you for others with needs. For example, do you have a friend in her first trimester of pregnancy who just can't get up the energy to get out to the store. Share a couple of bananas if you don't think you'll eat all the ones you bought.

2. Use that freezer.

I have learned so that a freezer extends the life of so many foods. My freezer holds sesame seeds, coconut flakes, yeast, ground flax seed, nuts, and many other items that I buy in bulk for one reason or another. You can also freeze milk and eggs (cracked and scrambled first).

3. Use that refrigerator.

Onions stored in the bottom drawer of the fridge last longer than those left at room temperature. Also, if all the fruit you bought ripens at the same time, consider putting it in the refrigerator. Some of it may need to be chopped first.

4. Mass cook and freeze.

This may be the time to cook a big pot of beans or vegetable soup to freeze. When I have extra help in the house (i.e. in-laws visiting) I spend a few extra minutes cooking up shredded zucchini, swiss chard, or another vegetable. Freezing pre-cooked vegetables saves me a step another day when I'm alone and rushed. This might also be a time to make homemade cookie dough, biscuits, or bread.

5. Menu Plan.

Plan a menu so the fresh items are eaten before they expire. This is a great way to make sure foods don't get lost or forgotten in your newly over-stuffed fridge.

How do you make buying bulk a blessing to your family and to those around you?