Sprouts Articles a Hit with Me

Cooking Dirt

Serious stirring of. . .dirt? We had been given packaged dirt to mix with water. Shows that kitchen tools have a variety of uses.

I am thoroughly enjoying the new article series by the New York Times called Sprouts. Journalist Elaine Louie interviews chefs and cookbook authors about how they cook with their children. They aren't interested in hiding vegetables. They want to highlight them when they are in season and teach their kids how to appreciate them.

My favorite part of this month's story is when 5-year-old Addison recommends the soup needs more salt. That's my goal for my kids. I want them to develop a palate early. They don't have to become chefs. But I want them to recognize what it takes to make food good. And I love reading articles that guide me in that direction. For example, I'm not sure I would have trusted my kids (when they become 5) to smash garlic, but I love how this dad does so while still protecting the little hand. And I hope in three more years I'll remember this story and be able to encourage Nora to participate safely.