Me and My. . .Diet?


Don't get thrown off by the picture. This was only 5 months along.

I never-ever-in-a-million-years thought I would need to go on a diet. After all, i was nicely sized in my teenage years and 20s. As long as i could fit in my clothes, i thought i was doing fine. Consequently, I never-ever-in-a-million-years thought I would enjoy a diet or even brag about being on one.

But I am. I am on a diet. I am enjoying it. And I am bragging about it.

I started the diet when Peter was 10-weeks-old. And in the first 4 months, I found that I had lost inches, yes inches, in my torso. In fact, during those first four weeks, you could actually watch the baby fat "slide" off. I wish I had been taking weekly pictures. But it's enough that people are saying "You look great!"

I chose the Full Plate Diet because it meets me where I am. It's about adding food to my plate, not taking it away. I get to build my menu around what I'm craving or interested in. And it allows for those times when I'm with friends and have to eat what's available. I had a full-size Snickers bar a few weeks back. I had pizza a few times while eating out with friends.

I chose the Full Plate Diet because it's cheap and easy on my time. There's no special food to buy. I'm still buying and planning my menus based on what produce is on sale. While I'm still being creative in the kitchen, there are a few dishes that I've loved so much, I'm making them more often. (Like roasted broccoli or spinach-pear salad [recipe coming].) And those recipes are actually less time-consuming. Oh, and did I mention there's no special food? (Yes, up above.) This means that the whole family gets to eat what I'm eating, whether they need to lose weight or not.

I chose the Full Plate Diet because it's a diet I can stick with my entire life. First it tells me how to lose weight. Then, it tells me how to maintain it. That means, even on those days when I'm not actively able to lose weight (like traveling or eating out with friends), I still have the information I need to eat like I'm maintaining that lower weight. This way, I know I won't be yo-yoing. I know I can lose the weight and keep it off.

I can't wait to show you more of what I'm eating and how much I love my diet.