Plan to Eat Right on the Holiday

And here we are, just days until Christmas. Where has this holiday season gone? Maybe you can't remember because you've grazed (meaning snacked on treats in the lounge) your way through your surgery schedule as my dad claims to have done today. (Or maybe you're now a SAHM who fondly remembers those days of cookies constantly being delivered to your office and are jealous of your father who not only gets to sample all the sweets, but also has time for a regular workout routine to burn off all those calories.) Um, yeah, it's really the patients that I miss.

But just in case you are nuts like I am (Boy, I'm telling all my secrets today. Not like some of you didn't already know that.) and signed up for a "Hold it for the Holidays" personal competition at the gym this season, you might like to hear how I plan to eat on Christmas Day without feeling sick about it.

To be honest, I haven't planned out Christmas Day yet, but I hope you and I both can use my Thanksgiving Day plan as inspiration.

Last month, my house guests woke up to the whir of the Blendtec concocting high fiber smoothies and serving bran muffins for those who thought smoothies would be too cold. Then we headed out for our traditional Turkey Day Turkey Trot. I packed granola bars for the kiddos and individual packs of peanut butter to go with the bagels served by Panera Bread at the finish line. I first ate the banana offered at the end of every race. Then I had a bagel half with PB after the kids ran the Tot Trot.

Upon returning home, we served a simple snack lunch of beans, tortillas with cheese, salsa, and guacamole. The variety helped each person manage how hungry they might be and how much "room" they wanted to save for later. Quinoa also would have worked well under the bean and guac layers.

I made sure that my Thanksgiving dinner plate had a variety of vegetables on it. And, following the Full Plate Diet, I ate those first. Even when I went back for seconds, the veggies made up most of the plate and were eaten before the starchy potatoes or veggie meat.

By "frontloading" the fiber/water content in the morning and repeating the focus for lunch, I was significantly less nervous about what I was "allowed" to eat for dinner. In fact, I just ate what I wanted. That just happened to include asparagus and broccoli. I even sampled all the of the desserts!

So far I'm winning my "Hold it for the Holidays" contest against myself. I hope you find it easy to comfortably eat your way through Christmas Day, too.