Words to Eliminate from Your Grocery List in 2013

Some of these words have been on my "eliminate" list for a long time. Food writer Heather McPherson of Orlando Sentinel calls them "banned". But they are powerful words that might help you make better food choices in the coming year. Have a look at this list of 5 words cleverly used as marketing techniques that make you think you are eating better than you are.

Now, truth be known, I don't necessarily agree with "100 Calorie" packs being banned. Well, I think they should be banned, but for different reasons than Ms. McPherson recommends. I like the idea of portion-control, an idea greatly inspired by Brian Wansink, professor at Cornell University. His studies are published at Mindless Eating, and they are powerful. Mostly, I don't like the 100 Calorie packs for their taste. When cookies turn into "crisps," which remind me more of chips than of a cake-y dough thick enough to sink your teeth into, I get nervous. I'd rather limit myself to one cookie than defeat the purpose of the great tasting cookie and texture that I am really craving.

I suppose that's a little off topic. Let's go back to having a look at the list. Then, make sure you aren't drawn in by those big letters in that same order plastered over things like Goldfish crackers.

Do you have any words to be banned from your shopping list this year? How about words to be added to it?