Blueberries for. . .Nora: A New Series on Books and Good Eating

Blueberries for Sal with Tin Measuring Cups

I have some favorite books from my childhood. But there are plenty of classics I don't ever remember reading. Never mind how old the book is. If it's a fun read and I can mix in some kitchen-time, it's a winner!

Over Christmas, my mother-in-law shared with me books about books. They listed the recommended books to get and read to your child. The key of course is to get books that appeal to yourself, too. Cause how many times have you imagined hiding a child's favorite book because you just can't take reading it again another night?

And since there are plenty of people out there who are rolling their eyes because, again, we have a topic about how to make a meal look pretty/fun instead of making it taste good, I hold up my hand for a patient pause. These blueberries were actually really good, which is surprising for this early season. But we have had a very mild Florida winter. And I've also noticed there's something to be said for a little distraction at the dinner table when trying to convince children to eat their food. Luckily, we don't have to distract Nora. Actually, quite the opposite. We had to distract her from the community bowl if we wanted to sneak a blueberry for ourselves.

So here's the fun with "Blueberries for Sal". She and her mother are out picking blueberries on one side of Blueberry Hill while a baby bear and its mother are roaming up the other side. Can you just hear the tune "I found my thrill. . ." as they stroll along? Sal and her mom have two tin pails. Hence the 2-cup measuring cup and the 1-cup that we used. But Sal enjoys eating them so much that she can only get a few in her pail, which make a ka-plunk sound. Naturally we don't get much of a sound dropping them from the large "pail" to the other. But the fun is in the reenactment!

Don't worry if you don't have children or if your children aren't young enough anymore to enjoy the book. I've picked up plenty of children's books just because I enjoyed them. And while you're at it, pick up some Florida blueberries and snack while you read.