Books and Good Eating: Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit: Books, Place setting, Blackberries

This adorable book is about gluttony and disobedience. And there's nothing like serving a snack of blackberries and bread while reading this book to highlight what Peter was missing while he was sick in bed drinking tea. OK, maybe that's a little deep for a 2-year-old. But the blackberries are already wonderful this season. And it's nice to accidentally acquire them and the book at the same time to make the book come alive just a little bit.

Incidentally, the plate and bowl were from Paul's childhood. I am rather nervous letting Nora use them, but it is more fun for her to enjoy them now than to keep them hidden in a cabinet never to be seen by anyone.

If you're looking for a place setting of your own, Gap just released miniature books and place settings based on Peter Rabbit along with a new clothing line. You can read about it here on License Mag.

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