Jarred Garlic, the Busy Mom's Friend

I stared in shock as my friend, an accomplished cook, opened a jar of refrigerated minced garlic. Could a self respecting cook use jarred garlic? It seemed like a horrible way to cheat.

Fast forward two months. I started looking for ways to cut the time I spend in the kitchen. I had a daughter who always seemed to want me to read a book right about the time I needed to start preparing supper. And it is rarely a book I have memorized due to frequency of reading! And I had a baby who was quickly becoming mobile, decreasing the time I could safely entertain him on the floor without him escaping away.

And so I acquired my first jar of minced garlic. Before using it the first time, I gave my husband a disclaimer. "I know it isn't as good [as the fresh stuff], but it's just until the kids get older." I learned quickly why my friend preferred jarred pre-minced garlic. (Course it could be cause she has small kids, too.) We've actually found times when the pre-minced garlic is a bigger taste booster. Because the garlic isn't as potent and doesn't need to be cooked to mellow, we find it's a great, versatile condiment.

Ways to Use Jarred Garlic as a Condiment

  • Pizza topping before or after baking
  • Garlic bread with oil, crushed red pepper, or shaved cheese
  • Sprinkle on toast with avocado
  • Top casseroles before baking so it roasts, too
  • Mix into homemade salad dressings
  • Top haystacks, taco salads, or other tortilla fixings
  • Garnish dips

What do you use pre-minced garlic on?