A "P" Themed Dinner


Life is hectic with two kids. So I borrowed a book from the library called "The Family Dinner". The author, Laurie David, gained inspiration for an organized family dinner by looking for a way to bring calm and connection to her hectic life with two daughters.

We already have dinner together most nights. And luckily, with a work from home daddy, we have an option for breakfast and lunch, too. The problem is the occasionally-working-out-of-the-home-mommy.

Since I want to homeschool preschool, and we have an unusual schedule, I combined Laurie's ideas with a school theme. I know; school at the dinner table sounds so wrong! But I promise there is no stress. It's just a fun activity that incorporates a little learning.

I started by choosing a letter for our meal. P is easy. And I already had eggplant casserole made. Then I made a list with boxes beside it. Nora likes to mark check boxes. So I gave her squares to check that all the items were on the table. (We ate on the patio where we have pillow for her chair to elevate her closer to the table.) Of course, the parfaits were brought out last. When she was done eating, she had a special activity where she could find and circle all the P's. I don't know why, but at the end of a hectic day, I felt a little more organized. I felt like dinner was even a little more special. And that feeling kept me encouraged for a few precious days.

How do you make dinner time (or the meal your family shares together) special?

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