The Dinner School of Learning the Letter "O"


At the end of the "P" dinner, I asked Nora what letter she'd like to do next. Naturally, she picked a letter she knew well "O". My heart sank. It sounded really hard. My husband said "Good. We can have okra." Oh no! Something else to be a challenge! Fresh okra isn't available where I shop regularly. I thought I had created a mess. But as you can see from the menu I pulled together, I survived.

I had a great pasta with orzo mix from Trader Joe's. And of course you have to have olives with little kids! And then I thought of every thing else with the most possible O's in it. Did you notice a touch of French and a touch of Spanish? Any way to get the "O".

I was relieved our dinner could come together and even be healthy and balanced! But next time I'm going to pick the letter.

How do you make the dinner table fun or educational?