A Pictorial Guide to What Vegetarians Eat

Here are some pictures to simply describe what kind of vegetarians there are and what different types of vegetarians eat. Special thanks to my mother for making the felt pasta and to the kids for loaning us their kitchen toys.

What Pescatarians Eat

A Pescatarian eats fish along with fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products. Not too many years ago, pescatarians weren't really considered vegetarians because they still ate fish, which was "a food with a face". However, with so much research suggesting the importance of fish oil in the diet, many people kept fish while cutting out other meats.

What Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians Eat

A Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian eats milk products (lacto), egg products (ovo), and honey along with fruits, vegetables, and grains.

What Vegans Eat

Vegans do not eat (and some do not wear) any animal products. Some vegans may eat honey, depending on why they choose a vegan diet. For example, individuals who have allergies tend to keep local honey in their diet because it fights allergies.

What Raw Foodists Eat

Raw Foodists are relatively new on the eating spectrum. Eating fresh food warmed under a certain temperature is said to help with different illness.

Do you have an easy way of showing what a vegetarian is or what a vegetarian eats?