Say Good-bye to Summer with a Tomato-Bean Cobbler with Cornbread Topping

It's cornbread and chili season! Of course, few would believe that if they saw the greenery outside my front door. But in Florida where there's a small chance you can still get a good tomato, there's this wonderful mixture of white beans, tomatoes, and herbs under a mountain of cornbread spiked with the best olive oil I've ever had. Kalamata from Trader Joe's. And you can find it all in a Tomato and Bean Cobbler Recipe on $5 Dinners.

There will be plenty of time for traditional cornbread and chili. But go try this now before you have wait until next summer for decent flavored and relatively affordable fresh tomatoes. But if you read this later in the winter when you're dreaming of summer, canned tomatoes are a good second. Just remember to drain them.