About EatLikeARabbit.net


Welcome to our family blog about eating (and sometimes playing with) vegetarian food! Amanda Martin is the voice behind the writing. Paul is generally the eye behind the camera. Nora (3) and Peter (1) are the kitchen entertainment, cabinet-emptiers, and kitchen timers who say when the chef needs to be done even if the food isn't ready yet.

Over the years, this blog has transformed from the reviewing of cookbooks to budget friendly meals, and now, to mostly time-saving meals and posts about making healthy eating fun for kids and adults alike. I'm not a recipe writer so much as I am a recipe finder. I find recipes and (sometimes) change them to make them faster to prepare, vegetarian, or allergy-friendly. I also look for tricks to get me out of my beloved kitchen faster so I can spend more time with my family who, of course, eat a lot which often puts me back in the kitchen quickly. They give me plenty of opportunities to experiment, which means you can experiment less!

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