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November 20, 2019


Verified Shopper

Everytime I go into a curaleaf facility they have Excellent customer service and a great atmosphere. Their staff is very friendly and helpful. I'd recommend to a friend forsure.

April 28, 2021


got an 8th of aeriz and it was dry like dust for $60 smh not worth it for premium flower the concentrate was a good price

March 15, 2020


This is my new fav dispensary. Alex helped me out today finding a deal I didn’t even know I had. I’ll def keep coming and showing him love. 💯

November 8, 2020


i love the fast, friendly service and quality of the concentrates! top notch!!

March 3, 2020


Verified Shopper

The service was so personal, I definitely feel connected with staff during each visit. Alex was so amazing as well as the other staff. Not to many days go by when I'm not in the dispensary!

January 10, 2020


yall are cool here :)

January 4, 2020


Weed was good, experience was better

November 21, 2019


Great service

October 4, 2019


It's the best prices in the valley the pandas are very knowledgeable and make you feel like family my Best buy in the valley

March 2, 2020


Verified Shopper

the service

December 28, 2019


Verified Shopper

Tried to place an order on the phone since leafly isn't updated much. They dont even know what they have in inventory and I go nowhere trying to order on the phone. Only wanted 2 edibles and 2 carts! I won't be back

January 5, 2020


I recommend the concentrates there really good

January 4, 2020


good vibes n good flower

July 10, 2020


Name's Jacob.. I've only recently got my card but I've been to a few dispensaries here in Phoenix.. This place is by far one of the best so far, very clean and up to standard concerning the COVID situation, very friendly and knowledgeable staff. And it's nothing short of "f*ck Yeah" that they're located directly across the street from me lol. Stay Medicated and Motivated guys..

April 12, 2020


Verified Shopper

Great staff great product

April 15, 2020


love this spot!! treat daily deals

April 15, 2020


Verified Shopper

I liked that they are efficient and fast , I was in and out the door even during this corona time !

April 22, 2020


I love the way curaleaf pavilions budtenders are very well educated on the product they sell I did have an issue with one particular person Ricardo for his place in position as a manager he was very rude didnt answer any of my questions the way he carrys himself around customers and talks to the other budtenders with a very disrespectful attitude I feel he needs to be more professional about his job and surroundings especially towards people he works around or even costumers the environment is always good besides ricardo I have had the best experience and recommended this place for u to shop thanks to all the budtenders for being at there best to know about the product that helps alot.

May 29, 2020


Verified Shopper

Place online order ✔Order is filled ✔Wait 30 mins at store ❓Wait 15 more 🚫Leave and go to a new store 😎✔

April 30, 2020


Verified Shopper

I understand that times are hard, and I appreciate that you guys are open late, but it’s a little disheartening to put in an order early and then have to wait 30 minutes after checking in for my order after waiting an hour after placing the order. Why isn’t someone building the orders and running it out to the cars like the other dispensaries I’ve been to?

April 18, 2020


I've been to multiple Curaleaf locations throughout the last few years and my visits were always pleasant but unremarkable and largely unexciting. I visited this Curaleaf location after having placed an online order. I arrived and checked in and was told I had 6 other people in line ahead of me. I checked in about a half hour later and was told there were 2 people still ahead. After over a full hour of waiting I checked my place in line and they let me know they had shuffled a couple of people ahead of me and I was now 5th in line. After an hour. With an online order. If you're looking to have your time completely disregarded and to be treated as though you're an inconvenience, Curaleaf is the place for you.

May 17, 2020


Verified Shopper

Used to be my favorite spot. Until the small skinny girl started skipping over checking me in. This place has no defined structure on customer processing. You would think because of the current coronavirus pandemic, firmer guidelines would be set in place.

February 26, 2020


curaleaf always has a wide variety and selections of strains, never been disappointed. last time I went they gave me some of the best deals around. employees are very friendly and helpful.

January 3, 2020


It’s close to my house and they seem to always have a decent deal

Curaleaf - Pavilions Customer Reviews from Leafly - Page 5 (2024)


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