Guide - Armors for all stages of gameplay for all classes (Updated as of 28 Dec 2020) (2024)

You want to know which armor is best for you but you don't want to waste money to buy diff armor set to see which one is the best? This guide is for you! This is yet another guide writtened on mobile so expect a lot of grammatical mistakes and typos because of autocorrect.

If you have trouble making money, make sure to check out my other guide on how to make money for all stages of gameplay!


Absolute early game

Diamond armor (a bit over 1k)
Having trouble surviving Lapis Quarry? This set is for you! Comes with growth 1 and decent protection. Don't enchant this set as you can get lapis armor within half an hour.

Lapis Armor (dropped from Lapis Zombie)
Comes with extra 75 hp as full set bonus and 200% more xp from mining. This set is a solid early gsme set. Enchant it to growth 5 prot 5 if possible so you can survive Obsidian Sanctuary.

Miner's armor
The set has TERRIBLE stats outside of deep caverns.

Leather and Iron armor
No, just no.

Early game

Hardened Diamond Armor (optional)
A bit cheaper than ender armor and has solid stats. However, its better to just save up a bit more for ender armor, as its better in the end and you'll be in the end a lot near mid game.

Ender Armor
A good armor set in the end for its doubled stats. You can potentially 1 tap zealot with ender armor. Also to get called an ender non by late game players.

Mid game
Over 1M networth

Unstable Dragon Armor (optional)
If you're having trouble 1 tapping zealots, get this set for more damage.

Young Dragon Armor
The best mid game set to grjnd zealot in. Increased speed and speed cap means that you can outstab others in the end and get more profit from eyes. Costs around 1 mil.

Mid-late game transition period
Over 10M networth (rough estimate)
You should've chosen a class by this point.

(BUDGET SET) 3/4 strong dragon armor with tarantula helmet
A relatively cheap damage dealing set. Use this if you don't have 20 mil to spare.

3/4 upgraded shadow assassin with legendary zombie knight chestplate in dungeon and strong dragon chestplate outside dungeon
Shadow assassin is a great set for damage dealing. However, the EHP is kinda lackluster and sa chestplate is incredibly expensive at over 30 mil. You ahould always buy the upgraded variant (with the symbol at the start of the name) as its a lot stronger and costs less than actually upgrading it yourself. Throw in a shadow assassin chestplate if you're rich enough for the full set, whicb is better than both leg zk and strong drag.

3/4 strong dragon armor with tarantula helmet
Refer to berserker spoiler.

If you're a left click mage, just treat yourself as a berserker.

Wise dragon armor
Pretty much your only choice of armor outside of dungeon is wise dragon armor and storm's set. You need intelligence to use your mage weapons and you're basically confined to being a mage because of reforges. A lot of situation is like kill the mob before it kills you. You're squishy, you need to kill the mob in a few seconds before you die. You deal weak damage with left click weapons.

For healer and tank. just refer to mage if you're a sub-mage and archer if you're a sub-archer. Otherwise, refer to berserker.

Late game
Over 100M networth

Full upgraded shadow assassin
Great damage and decent EHP. What do I have to say more?

If you wonder where is superior dragon armor, refer to helpful sets.

Same as berserker, you need that damage.

Same as mid-late game transitional period. Necro lord sucks outside dungeon. Maybe you can put fuming and recombobulator on your wise drag to survive better.

End game
Over ~1B networth (rough estimate)

Full necron set
Great damage and good EHP. Pretty awesome, direct upgrade from SA.

Same as berserker lol. Archer and berserker both rely on damage.

Full storm's set
A well needed EHP upgrade. A direct upgrade from wise dragon outside of dungeon.

At this point, you should know that healer and tank are basically just berserker, archer or mage but with some extra purposes. Hell, archer even uses the same armor as berserker.

Early and mid game

Fierce on every piece for damage. Pure if you need crit chance.
Loving on chestplate, necrotic on the rest.
Who even play LCM anymore after the nerf lmao
Ancient on every piece. Fierce if you're on a budget.
Archer is same as berserker.


Mastiff armor
Gives a lot of hp, great for campfire trial.

Superior Dragon Armor
Good EHP and damage, but most importantly, magic find. Good for slayer, spooky fishing, shark fishing and yeti fishing.

Slayer armor other than mastiff are irrelevent.
Renowned is actually better than ancient for sup drag armor and fishing gear.

Ok hope you enjoyed this new guide I made! Make sure to vote on the poll for what guide I should make next and bump my guides so more people can see them. I plan to flood the entire front page of guides with my guides >Guide - Armors for all stages of gameplay for all classes (Updated as of 28 Dec 2020) (1)

If I missed anything or got something wrong, tell me in the comments. Have a nice day!

Guide - Armors for all stages of gameplay for all classes (Updated as of 28 Dec 2020) (2024)


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