Paige VanZant's Net Worth Journey: From UFC Debut to Today (2024)

Paige VanZant’s net worth is $1.5 million in 2024. The former UFC fighter turned OnlyFans star made her money from her multi-faceted career as a mixed martial artist, boxer, model, reality TV star, and social media content creator.

OnlyFans is VanZant’s largest income source presently, and she has declared that she has made enough to retire. She is not planning to do that anytime soon, though. VanZant continues to release content on the NSFW site. She is also plotting a comeback to the ring/octagon to fight. There is simply no stopping this lady from Portland, Oregon. Come with me as we take a deep dive into VanZant’s net worth and how she built her fortune.

How Much is Paige VanZant’s Worth?

Paige VanZant has a net worth of $1.5 million. However, some sources say that her fortune is up to $5 million. Whichever it is, the former UFC fighter, model, and OnlyFans star has done quite well for herself.

The 30-year-old Paige VanZant hails from a humble background and has been quite deliberate in all her career pursuits. She is not just about passion but also shrewdly negotiates to get good deals that would help her save up a fortune, as she doesn’t want to hustle when it is time for her to retire.

It is this shrewdness that inspired her to ditch fighting temporarily and utilize her natural looks to pursue an OnlyFans career, which has now become her largest money spinner. She has also actively developed other income sources as well, a list of which is found below.

Paige VanZant’s Net Worth Sources

  • Modeling Career
  • UFC Fight Earnings
  • Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) Contract
  • All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Earnings
  • OnlyFans
  • Endorsem*nt Deals
  • Reality TV Show Winnings
  • Book Sales

Early Career Earnings That Contribute to Paige VanZant’s Net Worth

The early career earnings that contributed to Paige VanZant’s net worth are her modeling gigs. A natural-born beauty, VanZant veered off towards showbiz as a child. Her parents owned a dancing studio, and she learned various dance styles while growing up. From dancing, she took to cheerleading, and then it was modeling.

One of Paige VanZant’s earliest modeling gigs came as a teenager when she appeared in a commercial for Bissell, a company that manufactures vacuum cleaners and floor care products. From then onwards, she blossomed and, before long, was modeling for the likes of Nike and Columbia Sportswear.

Paige VanZant has also been featured on the pages Of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Her early modeling gigs earned her thousands of dollars, and she was able to build up a net worth that ran into tens of thousands of dollars.

How UFC Fights Shaped Paige VanZant’s Net Worth

UFC fights contributed half a million dollars to Paige VanZant’s net worth. However, before we unpack that, let’s recap how a beautiful dancer and model delved into combat sports. This transition took place when VanZant’s family relocated from Oregon, Portland to Sparks, Nevada. The young lady was looking for a new dance studio to join when she came across an MMA gym.

Her dad encouraged her to try it out, and she did so and quickly got the hang of it. Paige VanZant joined the UFC as an 18-year-old in 2012. She spent the next two years on the amateur circuit and made her professional debut in November 2014. Her first fight was against Kailin Curran, and she took her opponent out in such a spectacular manner that she ended up winning the fight of the night bonus check of $50,000

Between 2014 and 2020, Paige VanZant took part in nine UFC matches and won five. Her UFC earnings were estimated to have reached $474,500 in 2019. This helped push her net worth from the five-figure region into the six-figure region. It is believed that Paige VanZant earned $564,500 in her UFC career. This was quite decent, but the young lady had a lot of self-belief in her brand and tried to negotiate a better deal with the promotion. When they didn’t budge, she took a walk.

Paige VanZant has been away from the UFC for years now, but she could make a comeback if her recent social media posts are anything to go by. If she is to return, she will be returning as a huge star and will be able to land the kind of deals she always wanted.

Paige VanZant's Net Worth Journey: From UFC Debut to Today (1)

Paige VanZan’s Million Dollar Contract With BKFC

Upon walking away from the UFC, Paige VanZant took shelter with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). In August 2020, Paige VanZant signed a contract worth $1 million to fight exclusively for BKFC. The deal generated a lot of media attention. Many pointed out that Paige had never taken part in boxing or bare-knuckle fighting. She, however, shrugged off the doubts and declared that BKFC was the best fit for her at the moment.

VanZant eventually went on to take part in two BKFC fights in 2021, which she lost. Her third fight never materialized. Her deal with BKFC was for four fights, and as such, it is very possible that she did not get to pocket the whole million dollars that her contract was worth. However, seeing as she had two fights, she would have gotten half a million dollars at the least, further boosting a six-figure net worth.

Paige VanZant Has Also Had a Lucrative Stint as a Pro Wrestler

Following the lull in her BKFC career, Paige VanZant decided to take her talents to the world of pro wrestling, joining the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion. She appeared during several of their main events and fought the likes of Tay Conti and the legendary Chris Jericho.

It was announced that Paige would sign a formal contract with AEW, but it is not certain if this happened or the amount her contract was worth. AEW, however, pays wrestlers decently, and some earn from $300,000 to as much as a million dollars, meaning that Paige VanZant would have earned at least $300,000 for her troubles.

How Media Exposure Influences Paige VanZant’s Net Worth

Paige VanZant has become a popular personality, and her activities are regularly covered by the media, which has had a positive impact on her net worth. For instance, due to how popular she has become, several brands have approached her to serve as their ambassador. She also regularly scores sponsored posts gigs on her Instagram account, where she has millions of followers.

Paige VanZant has yet to disclose her Instagram earnings, but she once remarked that she made more money from sponsored posts on Instagram than fighting. Given that she has pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from combat sports, it is not farfetched to assume that Paige VanZant makes 5-to-6 figures from each sponsored post that she shares with the millions of followers she has on Instagram as well as other social media platforms.

OnlyFans is the Largest Contributor to Paige VanZant’s Net Worth

While her efforts as a fighter and model are nothing to scoff at, the fact remains that the biggest contributor to Paige VanZant’s net worth is OnlyFans, a site that is renowned for its risqué content.

When OnlyFans gained traction, Paige VanZant declared that she would not be joining the site. What she rather did was create her own website in 2021, where fans can get access to exclusive content in exchange for a fee of above $10.

The website witnessed massive traffic, and Paige decided to take things to the next level by joining OnlyFans in mid-2022. She remains active on the site to date and offers services such as one-on-one chatting, sexy memorabilia, naughty wall content, etc. Of course, anybody who wants access must pay a subscription fee.

Paige VanZant has been cashing out massively from OnlyFans. She once declared that she earned her entire fighting career earnings in only 24 hours on OnlyFans. She later stated that she made her entire BKFC contract sum in one month on OnlyFans. Given such statements, it is possible that Paige VanZant makes as much as $500,000 or more on OnlyFans in a month. This is what has helped push her net worth into the one million dollar region.

OnlyFans has made VanZant so financially secure that she could retire at any time. There is a certain stigma that comes with OnlyFans, and VanZant has addressed this. She has stated that producing adult content comes with mental hurdles. She, however, believes that her ability to take care of everybody around her justifies her actions.

Endorsem*nt Deals Impact on Paige VanZant’s Net Worth

It goes without saying that endorsem*nt deals have positively impacted Paige VanZant’s net worth. One of the most remarkable endorsem*nt deals that Paige VanZant has landed was with Reebok back in 2015.

At that time, the American fitness footwear and clothing brand had an umbrella deal with UFC for all fighters on their roster, but Paige joined the legendary Conor McGregor, as well as a few others, to land her own individual deal with Reebok. The terms were not disclosed, but Reebok paid $30,000 to $40,000 to any UFC fighters challenging for a title under the general deal. Therefore, what Paige VanZant got must have been significantly higher than this.

The deal raised a lot of eyebrows, though. Some wondered why a lady with just one pro fight under her belt was getting such and stated that it was due to her bombshell looks. UFC president Dana White maintained that Paige had that “It Factor” and personality.

Since then, Paige VanZant has gone on to land endorsem*nt deals with the likes of Monster Energy Drinks, Metro PCS, and Harley-Davidson. There is no doubt that her athletic ability and It Factor both played a part in her getting these deals.

Paige VanZant was Runner-Up on Season 22 of DWTS

Paige VanZant harbored dreams of becoming an actress while growing up. While this has yet to come to fruition, she has featured in multiple reality TV shows and has earned good money from it. Paige VanZant competed in the 22nd edition of Dancing With The Stars, which was held in 2016. Her dancing partner was Mark Ballas, and they did such a good job that they were able to make it all the way to the finale, where they placed second.

The MMA star has yet to reveal her exact paycheck from Dancing with the Stars, but she has made it clear that her earnings from the show trump her fighting earnings. Reputable sources have it that back in 2010, contestants on Dancing with the Stars were each given $125,000 for the rehearsal period and the first two weeks. They then earned $10,000 for weeks 3 and 4, $20,000 for weeks 5 and 6, $30,000 for weeks 7 and 8, and $50,000 for weeks 9 and 10, depending on how far they progressed.

Working with this scale, Paige VanZant possibly made as much as a quarter of a million dollars from Dancing with the Stars.

She Released Her Memoir in 2018

Paige VanZant is also a published author. She released her memoir Rise: Surviving The Fight of My Life in 2018. The book is equal parts harrowing and inspirational. It tells how the author survived bullying as well as rape in high school and found solace in mixed martial arts, which eventually made her a known name.

Paige VanZant’s book has a high rating of 4.17 on Goodreads. It has sold many copies and still continues to fly off the shelf. The earnings from the book have contributed to Paige VanZant’s net worth.

Highlighting Paige VanZant’s Net Worth Against Fellow Fighters

Paige VanZant’s net worth of $1.5 million makes her one of the richest female UFC stars, and she continues to put her best foot forward in ensuring that she builds a decent nest egg for herself. However, one wonders how she stacks up against her peers. We examine this below

Is Paige VanZant Richer Than Ronda Rousey?

Paige VanZant is not richer than Ronda Rousey. In fact, Ronda Rousey, with an estimated net worth of around $14 million, is way richer than her. This doesn’t come as a surprise. While Paige continues to work hard to establish herself, Ronda Rousey is a legend of combat sports and a trailblazer for women in that field. She has been named the greatest female athlete ever in an ESPN fan poll in 2015.

She has an Olympic gold medal in judo and has competed in and won championships in both the UFC and WWE. Rousey’s achievements have fetched her massive contracts, lucrative endorsem*nt deals, etc. She has even featured in a handful of movies. All this now accounts for the fortune that she has.

Paige VanZant vs. Rachael Ostovich’s Net Worth

Paige VanZant is slightly richer than Rachael Ostovich, who is a former UFC fighter like her. Rachael Ostovich is said to have a net worth of $1.4 million, and VanZant may be happy that she has outperformed her, given their history.

She and Rachael Ostovich have clashed twice, once in the UFC in January 2019 and the second in the BKFC in July 2021. Paige won the first bout, while Ostovich took the second bout. Just like Paige VanZant, Rachael Ostovich makes her money from fight earnings, endorsem*nt deals, etc.

Paige VanZant's Net Worth Journey: From UFC Debut to Today (2024)


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