Quiz: Which Seventeen Member Are You? 1 of 13 Match (2024)

Quiz: Which Seventeen Member Are You? 1 of 13 Match (1)

A Genuine Seventeen Member Quiz for Carats

The test has twenty fandom-specific and fun questions to expose which Seventeen singer, rapper, or performer you represent.

In case you are a newbie, SVT is a Korean boyband with thirteen members. The goal of the current questionary is to match your character with one of the said boys.

If you like quizzes like this, give our BTS Member Match Test a try. It has the same vibes for k-pop fans.

Find out which member you are.

Carats find their matching boy using different methods, such as star sign toning. But taking an actual SVT personality quiz like the one on this page is the only accurate way to know which member you are. We used the updated profiles of the gang to create a reliable database for the results.

THE 8Scorpio
WOOZIScorpio/Sagittarius cusp

Discovery your unit.

One of the unique things about SVT is three distinctive units, Hip-Hop, Performance, and Vocal. By taking the personality quiz, you also find out which unit you would be in. We assess your skills and traits to see which subgroup matches you better.

Read your personality analysis.

The results of the SEVENTEEN quiz include comprehensive personality breakdowns. We can tell you why you matched a particular member and what does it mean.

We have already done this in our other k-pop quiz called, “Which TWICE Member Are You?” So, you know how it works if you have already tried that one.

Get to know which Seventeen song you are.

We wanted to include a cool new feature in the Seventeen member quiz. So, besides a character match analysis, you also receive a soundtrack match! The results reveal which track of the gang represents your personality better. This has never been done before any other online quizzes. So, we hope the Carats will like it. (You can share the results with your friends to know if they agree or not).

How to Know Which Seventeen Member Are You?

You should know what every member’s personality is like to decide which one is similar to you. But that is challenging because there are thirteen boys in the band. So, we recommend taking the actual personality quiz instead.

But if you prefer to find your match on your own, here is what to do. Read the following descriptions and see which one looks like you or shares the same traits with you.

#1: Mingyu

Kim Min Gyu might look serious on the outside. However, he is a sweet and optimistic boy who enjoys cooking and photography. Mingyu also enjoys playing soccer and basketball with his friends. That is why he is known as one of the most athletic members of Seventeen.

People who match him in the SVT Member Quiz might seem unsociable at first. But they are actually quite easygoing and friendly. You just need to give them enough time to express themselves.

#2: Wonwoo

Jeon Won Woo is an artistic person. He enjoys being in museums and art galleries. However, Wonwoo also is passionate about nature, and he enjoys spending time outdoors. According to his friends, Jeon is a bit shy. And many Carats consider him an introvert boy.

People who match Wonwoo in the Seventeen Member Quiz like reading, watching movies, and playing video games.

#3: Vernon

Hansol Vernon Chwe describes himself as a free-spirited person. He is an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and social justice movements. When asked, “Which SEVENTEEN member are you?” many fans would say, “I’m Vernon.” That is because he has a cat-like personality—loveable but not tamable.

Fans who match Hansol care about self-love.

#4: Jeonghan

Yoon Jeong Han is best described as a ‘defender.’ Other boys claim that he is the most caring and kind person in the group. However, Jeong is also pretty sensitive. He believes that he is the weakest guy in Seventeen because of his low stamina.

Carats who match Jeonghan in the SVT Quiz enjoy walking, exercising, playing sports, and sleeping.

#5: Hoshi

If you ask Carats, “Which Seventeen members are you?” lots of them would say, “I’m Hoshi.” He is the Mediator of the group. Despite his harsh look and his martial arts background, Hoshi is a relatable character. His friends believe that he has the highest Aegyo (cuteness) among all other boys. He brings the best in others by being energetic, optimistic, and funny all the time. As an extrovert, it is easy for Hoshi to make new friends and socialize, adding to his charisma and charm.

#6: Woozi

Lee Ji Hoon’s personality type is Advocate. He describes himself as calm, serious, and careful. Unlike most other boys, Woozi is a late sleeper who enjoys listening to music and eating good food.

Matching him in the Seventeen Member Quiz means you are a hardworking, passionate individual.

#7: Other members

You could be S.Coups, Xu Minghao, Seungkwan, Joshua, Dino, DK, or Wen. If you are still wondering which SEVENTEEN member you are, hit the button and start the quiz right away. That is the only way you can meet your perfect twin or soulmate.


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Quiz: Which Seventeen Member Are You? 1 of 13 Match (2024)


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