Warframe: How to Farm Tennokai Melee Mods (Alchemy Mission Guide) (2024)

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Introduced in the Whispers of the Walls update, the Tennokai system in Warframe expands your exosuit's ability to perform a special melee attack. When using the Tennokai system, you can land heavy attacks without consuming the combo meter, allowing you to keep the pressure up when fighting.

The Tennokai system is further enhanced by a variety of Tennokai mods that modify your attack power and utility. Tennokai mods bring strategical depth to melee combat in Warframe, making melee a desirable gameplay choice. The following guide aims to help you with farming Tennokai mods easily and widen your damage-dealing abilities.



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How To Unlock Tennokai Melee Mods

Warframe: How to Farm Tennokai Melee Mods (Alchemy Mission Guide) (2)

To unlock the Tennokai mods, you must first complete the Whispers in the Walls quest, which becomes available after the following quests: The New War and Heart of Deimos.

Once both of these quests are completed, you’ll receive a message from Loid, post which you can access the Whispers in the Walls quest from the codex on the Orbiter. Completing the Whispers of the Walls quest unlocks the following:

  • Melee Arcanes: Separate from the Tennokai mods, the Melee Arcanes allow you to install special upgrades to weapons and Warframes to boost their stats.
  • Melee Exilus Slot: Unlocks a new slot for melee weapons where you can install Tennokai mods.
  • First Tennokai Mod: Your first Tennokai mod, called the Mentor’s Legacy, to get you started with Tennokai weapon modding. Equipping the mod enables Tennokai, allowing you to execute Perfect Heavy Attacks.

How To Farm Tennokai Mods?

Warframe: How to Farm Tennokai Melee Mods (Alchemy Mission Guide) (3)

In total, there are six Tennokai mods, including the Mentor’s Legacy. The only way to acquire these mods for free is to farm for them in the Alchemy game mode in Sanctum Anatomica on Deimos. You can also purchase all five Tennokai mods, excluding the Mentor's Legacy, for 100 Platinum.

The Alchemy is an endless, fast-paced game mode where you must kill enemies to collect elements like cold, heat, electricity, etc. You must pick up these elemental orbs and throw them at the large spherical object called the Crucible to create a new element.

The Alchemy game mode follows a rotational reward system. Filling the Crucible and completing the conversion process deems the rotation complete. To farm Tennokai mods, you must complete four rotations of the Alchemy game mode.

The rotational reward system follows this order: AABC. Tennokai mods are farmed in rotation C.

The following table lists all farmable Tennokai mods in Warframe, including their effects, rarity, and drop rates:

Tennokai Mod Name



Drop Rate

Condition’s Perfection

Enables Tennokai and increases the status chance by up to 100%.



Discipline’s Merit

Enables Tennokai and creates Tennokai attack opportunities when reaching four hits.



Dreamer’s Wrath

Enables Tennokai and increases the Tennokai chance, and Tennokai attack critical damage by up to 50%



Master’s Edge

Enables Tennokai and increase Tennokai attack damage by up to 60%.



Mentor’s Legacy

Enables Tennokai.

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Opportunity’s Reach

Enables Tennokai and increases the opportunity window by 4 seconds, and Tennokai attack melee range by up to 3m.





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Understanding Alchemy Game Mode

Warframe: How to Farm Tennokai Melee Mods (Alchemy Mission Guide) (5)

The Alchemy game mode is an endless mission type where you’re tasked with creating a new element by combining two primary elements in a special spherical structure called the Crucible.

The primary elements include cold, heat, electricity, and toxin, which are dropped as pickups when killing enemies. These elements must be collected and thrown at the Crucible to initiate the mixing process.

When the Crucible is filled with two element types, the conversion process begins, and two new gauges: Conversion Progress gauge and Pressure gauge pop on the left-hand side of your HUD.

Additionally, the gameplay loop now changes where several yellow markers pop up on your screen, indicating distress pipes.

You must pay attention to both the Conversion Progress gauge and Pressure gauge and shoot the marked pipes to release the pressure. When the Conversion Progress gauge reaches 100%, the rotation is completed.

To farm Tennokai mods, you must rinse and repeat this process until the fourth rotation. Continuing to play after the fourth rotation pits you against challenging enemies, who further test your Warframe skills.

Warframe: How to Farm Tennokai Melee Mods (Alchemy Mission Guide) (6)
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March 25, 2013
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Warframe: How to Farm Tennokai Melee Mods (Alchemy Mission Guide) (2024)


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