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Powering Student Achievement

WVU Online wants your distance learning experience at West Virginia University to be a positive and successful one. As a distance learning student, you have access to support services that on-campus students utilize; you also have some special support resources specifically designed for distance learning students. Because online students pay different tuitions and fees than traditional on-campus students, students enrolled in online programs do not have access to many on-campus services such as the student recreation center, the PRT, or free tickets to athletic events.

WVU Online supports our distance learners every step of the way. With academic life coaches to a state-of-the-art learning environment, we have the tools necessary to help students meet their academic goals.

The majority of WVU Online courses are delivered via a web-based learning management system called WVU eCampus. WVU eCampus allows WVU to deliver the highest quality educational experience to students, and it is integrated with the WVU STAR/Banner system so that students are automatically registered for their online courses.

To register for classes, check grades, find out about current campus events, or receive messages, students use the WVU Portal. WVU Portal is accessible from anywhere, at any time. Students are encouraged to check the Portal email system, MIX, prior to the start of each term as that is the primary communication tool for instructors. Remember, it is important to communicate with instructors. It is the student’s responsibility to email his/her instructor when necessary. Email addresses can be found in the WVU online directory.

WVU Online strives to help students achieve academic success. If at any time guidance or assistance is needed, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Technology Requirements

Resources for Online Students

The Center for World University Rankings placed WVU among the top 1.5% of universities in the world (2017), which makes us a great education at an exceptional value.

With financial aid, scholarships and grants factored in, our tuition won’t break the bank. College should be the best years of your life, not the most expensive. We have the perks and programs of a major research university at a price below the national average, and WVU Online offers many of the same programs as those taught on campus with few out-of-state tuition costs.

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Accessibility Services

The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for students with temporary or permanent disabilities by authorizing reasonable and effective accommodations. A specialist will work with you to help you request and implement accommodations necessary for your academic success.

Visit Accessibility Services

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Career Services

Career Services is available to assist with building a resume, practice interviews, job search coaching, writing cover and thank you letters, designing an elevator pitch, and working a career fair. Resources are also available to alumni.

Visit Career Services

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WVU tutoring centers are offering online versions of drop-in tutoring and tutoring appointments.

Learn More About WVU Tutoring

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Mental Health

Supporting our students in their overall health is very important to us. As an online student, your challenges are likely very different than those faced by our on-campus students. For our distant learners, the University has partnered with TalkSpace to bring WVU students convenient, personal, and professional online messaging and support from a dedicated licensed mental health therapist, anytime, anywhere.

Learn More About TalkSpace

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Technology Service Desk

The Service Desk provides first-level support to students. They investigate, resolve and prevent problems with ITS-supported systems and applications. Check the ITS website for hours.

View Information Technology Services Website

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WVU Libraries

Distance learning students have access to Interlibrary loans, eReserves, WorldCat Catalog, and more.

Learn More About Research Guides

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Portfolium is an ePortfolio network that allows you to document and reflect on your coursework and learning experiences.

Learn More About Portfolium

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My Mountaineer Card

All students must submit a current photo for their official Mountaineer ID Card. Photo requirements have been established and are outlined on the ITS website. Once approved, online students will have their ID cards mailed to their address on file.

Learn More About Obtaining Your ID Card

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StudentLingo offers on-demand, 20 minute online success workshops that focus on skills needed to achieve at the college level. Choose from 50 topics, including Time Management, Developing Your Critical Thinking Skills, Exam Preparation Tips & Test Taking Skills, and Effectively Communicating Online. Each workshop has a downloadable action plan that will help you put the skills to use.

Log in using your WVU username and password.

Learn More About StudentLingo

We're here for you.

Call us, write us, or fill out the request information form. Whichever communication style you prefer, there will be someone from WVU Online on the other end waiting to help.

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Become a problem solver.

Be a decision maker. First, your degree. World-class academics at an exceptional value.

Occasionally a student will encounter an issue with an online course that he or she doesn’t know how to resolve. Should this occur, please visit the link below.

Internal Student Complaint Process

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