Falafel Lettuce Wraps

Falafel Lettuce Wrap

When we go to potlucks, it's always a challenge. I want to make something that is shockingly good, especially when there are non-vegetarians present. And these days, it has to be easy finger food for toddlers. (And frankly, easy to prepare.) Plus, I like it to be good at room temperature. My parents happened to have been leaving town the weekend before the event to which I brought the falafel and had left us with lots of lettuce.

And this is how falafel lettuce wraps were born at our house. Perhaps they would have been more fun and easier to eat as a wrap if I had kind of crumbled them a little, but that could easily be done at the plate before eating. I was glad I had left some little patties at home because I traded the leftovers for the leftover fruit. Otherwise, I'd have had to cook for dinner! The trade gave me dessert for dinner, too.

I love to share this wonderfully good falafel recipe. Especially because it's so easy and works well with food allergies. I just leave the flour out when cooking gluten-free.

What's your go-to potluck recipe?

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